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Vertical Drill Press Setups

STEP 1 -- Through Drilling
Mount the rip fence and/or miter gauge to your worktable for use as a backstop, as required and adjust it to position your stock (and scrap) for drilling.  Clamp your scrap block to the table.  Adjust your table height so the bit is 1/4-inch to 1/2-inch above the surface of the stock when fully retracted.

Extend the quill until the tip of the bit touches the surface of your stock.  Now, set the depth control so the bit
will pass all the way through your stock and into the scrap . . . but NOT all the way through the scrap.  Allow the quill to retract.

  Turn on the machine and feed the bit into the stock while maintaining a steady pressure.  Stop when the depth control halts the movement of the quill.  Retract the quill and turn off the machine, allowing it to come to a complete stop before removing your stock.

STEP 2 -- Stop Drilling
Follow the procedures for through drilling . . . except set the MARK V?s depth control dial to limit the depth of your hole. All holes will be exactly the same depth . . . until you change the setting.  Although no scrap block is necessary, using one, clamped to the table will help keep your stock from sliding.

  STEP 3 -- Angle Drilling
Tilt the worktable to drill any angle you prefer between ?0? and 90-degrees and lock it into position.  Mount your rip fence on the downside of the table.  If your angle is steep, clamp scrap blocks to the table or use a V-Jig to protect the surfaces of the table and rip fence.



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