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10 Tips for Good Wood Storage



Tip Number 4
Wall brackets . . . are perfect for storing long lengths of wood because they're open-ended.  Make them from common 2 x 4?s and fasten them securely to wall studs, as shown here.


Tip Number 5
In the rafters . . . of your garage, you'll find plenty of space for lumber storage.


Tip Number 6
Between the overhead joists . . . nail U-shaped brackets or attach ropes to the joists every 3-4 feet. This approach is typically better for lumber that's shorter than 6-foot', since space is limited for maneuvering longer boards in a basement area.


Tip Number 7
Vertical storage racks . . . are OK if you can't find a spot to store your lumber flat.  Just be sure to store the wood as close to vertical as possible and secure it so it can't fall over.

  Tip Number 8
PVC pipe . . . makes another great storage rack for ?shorts?, dowels and similar pieces. Just glue a number of PVC pipes together using ordinary PVC cement.



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