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Follow the manufacturer?s directions for application. Urea resin and resorcinol should be applied in a thin coat. Others, such as mastics, hot melt or contact cements are applied in thick beads or layers. Generally, glues are applied in one of two ways. Either to a single surface (single spreading) or to both surfaces (double spreading). 

But whether you?re applying a thin or a thick coat . . . to one surface or to both...it is of the utmost importance that the application be even. The most common aliphatic resin or polyvinyl resin glues can be spread with a stick, your finger or a brush. Contact cements and some special veneer glues are best applied with a glue spreader -- a flat piece of metal or plastic with a serrated (or grooved) edge. The deeper the grooves, the thicker the glue coat. Again, follow the manufacturer?s instructions for the best method.

When applying glue to a single surface, press and rub the two pieces together for an even spread, then allow the glue to soak into the adjoining surfaces for a strong bond (See Figure 1.)

Figure 1.1
  To get an even glue spread, apply glue to one surface
Figure 1.2
  Rub the two mating surfaces together in a circular motion
Figure 1.3
  Then check to be sure the glue has spread over the entire gluing surface




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